RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mount Design Philosophy

RPT Motion Inc. is older than digital signage. Our company philosophy over the past 30+ years is simply called Right Tech. We need to deliver the Right Technology. A high quality product that meets your needs and wants. Our product must have the technology, mechanical design and manufacturing to work perfectly and have a long life while justifying the investment you're making in our hardware. Our customers must profit from our expertise and products so that we can profit and prosper. We want to become your partner by adding value to your business, we want to become your preferred choice when you have new ideas and only by being of value to each other can we enjoy a long relationship. 

Digital signage mounting is important, especially when your signage is mounted in areas in close proximity with human traffic. RPT Motion Digital Signage Mounts will make your digital sign installations look great. The mechanical issues aren’t just about improving aesthetics but also safety of your customers and security of your hardware.  Signage players, power supply and monitor cabling that remain visibly exposed or within reach is always a potential reliability or security problem, and these issues become more important with more expensive min PC media players or easy to pocket new smaller stick computer signage players direct plugged into HDMI ports.

Aesthetics are critical to your brand. Too many digital signage installations look like a basement afterthought, or are badly placed because they must be out of reach or contact with your customers. Some great installations involve  high end custom designed enclosures, but that path can be very expensive and time consuming to implement.

RPT bridges those two extremes by making each mounting system custom from tested standard modules. We do our best to balance design, appearance, hardware flexibility, reliability, security, branding needs, installation needs and delivery time with final cost. Because the engineering of our modules is done for scaling to quantity production, we can do all that for single location one monitor installations or those that will involve thousands of monitors in thousands of locations.

RPT Framed Bezel VESA mounts enclose the hardware and cabling and don't have to be out of the way, they are designed to mount at any level and are designed to be safe for people to be around. We can mount where your message gets the most impact and attention: one or more monitors on walls, posts, columns, inside corners, outside corners, side walls, ends of aisles, storefront displays, custom kiosks, custom POS,  or wherever your digital signage needs want your message to be seen.

We design knowing that every digital signage customer  must have the freedom of choice on which brand and model of monitor, what size, what orientation, what player hardware and cabling needs to be integrated and enclosed, and where it should be mounted for maximum return on your investment.

RPT  bases our designs on T-Slotted aluminum structural extrusions, so we can create modules where we can quickly adapt dimensions to almost any VESA mount monitor you want to use. Each RPT Digital Sign Mount is highest quality, beautifully finished and custom to your choices, but by producing it with standard machined parts and already engineered modules we keep the cost of truly custom within the reach of more installations and reduce the design, production and delivery time.  

In response to the needs of digital signage, RPT Motion Inc. has developed a comprehensive and flexible system of Framed Bezel VESA Monitor mounts to enclose and protect your digital signage monitor, player hardware and cabling. RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mounts are tough enough for an industrial environment while being beautifully finished to fit comfortably into high end retail spaces. Because the finished assemblies are powder painted, RPT can color match the exterior surfaces to your decor or brand as required.

Each modular installation design breaks down into key modules that can be easily separated

  1. One or more RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mounts designed to fit the monitor of your choice
  2. Structural frame to mount to wall(s) or structure in your installation location

RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mounts have custom hinges that allow them to lift off the structural frame for easy and safe installation. These hinges also allow the Bezel and monitor to pivot wide open for easy cabling and servicing access. Players are getting smaller and more powerful, the Intel NUC is a common example, and we can usually integrate mounts for the player hardware of your choice on either the back of the framed bezel or on the structural frame.

The structural frame includes adjustable mounting points to allow flexibility to attach to your wall or structure, and sometimes we provide a freestanding structure. The RPT structural frame is attached to the wall and the is the monitor is mounted and aligned within the RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mount on a flat safe surface, then the monitor and bezel assembly is ready to drop easily onto the concealed hinges of the structural frame. RPT Framed Bezel Mounts are locked closed with the simple installation of one or two screws on each monitor bezel.

RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mounts provide an edge to edge top and bottom air gap for convection cooling of the area behind the monitor. If more cooling is needed, we can supply integrated fans to keep everything cool. We also leave a small air gap around the edges of the monitor before the bezel frame so that any thermal expansion never squeezes your expensive digital signage monitor.

We will provide a mounting system and enclosure for your specific application needs and look forward to hearing of those needs and responding to them. 

Capabilities RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mounts

  • Portrait or Landscape orientations
  • Fits your choice of most 32” to 70” digital signage monitors
  • RPT’s design easily adjusts to almost any monitor and mounting configuration
  • Vertical exterior frame elements have large rounded outside corners.
  •  No exposed miters to reduce the potential for sharp edges in human traffic areas.
  • Exterior surfaces are high quality powder painted for a clean durable look that can easily be color keyed to your brand or decor.
  • RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mounts are hinged and lift off of their structural mounting frame for easy installation of digital signage monitor.
  • Simple installation: Mount and level the structural frame, then lower the assembled monitor and framed bezel onto our lift off hinges, plug in cables and close.
  • Once installed on the structural frame the Framed Bezel VESA Mount and monitor can easily and safely pivot open at any time for easy servicing of player hardware and cabling, and the monitor and bezel assembly are always easy to remove.
  • We integrate these mounts from a series of custom RPT designed modules and parts CNC machined in our shop. Because we design around T-Slotted structural aluminum extrusions we have maximum flexibility for custom designs to fit your needs, even in small quantity or one-offs.
  • We can custom integrate internal mounting plates for your media player, power supplies and cable attachments.
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