RPT FastMount Precision Structure

RPT Rapid Assembly systems

RPT Motion Inc., for the part 25 years of our 36+ year history, designs precision assemblies and parts using 3D CAD, we then use CAM to program and precision CNC machine those parts and then we build precision assemblies using T-Slotted Aluminum structural extrusions. We supply complex large frames to to very large customers including aviation tooling and flight simulator businesses. 

T-Slotted aluminum extrusion connections are typically hardware intensive and require some training, mechanical assembly skills and time to build a precision assembly. Usually these frames or structures are assembled once and adjusted to the precision required. Usually, they are challenging to use in assemblies that must be assembled and disassembled many times over their life.

RPT  manufactures two systems of Rapid Assembly connections for T-Slotted Aluminum extrusions: RPT QuickConnect and RPT FastMount. RPT QuickConnect is our highest precision, most rigid connection system and is the higher cost. RPT FastMount was designed for trade-show booths and modular structures and this is the Connection system we base our modular video walls on.  

RPT FastMounts allow many cycles of assembly-disassembly without loss of structural rigidity or accuracy. All connections connect with one or two Socket Headed Cap Screws (Allen Bolts), and all of those screws are identical. Each connection will have one or two bolts. The washers are captivated in the connector, so they can't be lost of forgotten. The mating threads are high quality steel inserts embedded into the aluminum parts. With reasonable care and mechanical skills, many hundreds of assembly cycles without problems is typical.

Our systems are designed to break down into small easily packed and shipped modules 

Capabilities RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mounts

  • Portrait or Landscape orientations
  • Fits your choice of most 32” to 70” digital signage monitors
  • RPT’s design easily adjusts to almost any monitor and mounting configuration
  • Vertical exterior frame elements have large rounded outside corners.
  •  No exposed miters to reduce the potential for sharp edges in human traffic areas.
  • Exterior surfaces are high quality powder painted for a clean durable look that can easily be color keyed to your brand or decor.
  • RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mounts are hinged and lift off of their structural mounting frame for easy installation of digital signage monitor.
  • Simple installation: Mount and level the structural frame, then lower the assembled monitor and framed bezel onto our lift off hinges, plug in cables and close.
  • Once installed on the structural frame the Framed Bezel VESA Mount and monitor can easily and safely pivot open at any time for easy servicing of player hardware and cabling, and the monitor and bezel assembly are always easy to remove.
  • We integrate these mounts from a series of custom RPT designed modules and parts CNC machined in our shop. Because we design around T-Slotted structural aluminum extrusions we have maximum flexibility for custom designs to fit your needs, even in small quantity or one-offs.
  • We can custom integrate internal mounting plates for your media player, power supplies and cable attachments.
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