RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mounts

RPT Framed Bezel

Flat Wall Mount

  • Thin version is 3.80” thick from wall surface to outside face of bezel
  • Deeper versions available as required by monitor or player hardware.
  • Structural frame mounts flat to wall surface
  • Framed Bezel VESA mount removes for mounting monitor
  • Encloses and protects rear of monitor, player, cabling and power connections.
  • Large air gap top and bottom allows convection cooling without fans in most applications

RPT Framed Bezel

Outside Corner Mount

  • Wraps around outside corner walls with one monitor on each side
  • Clean look, thin profile
  • Rounded outside and end corners
  • Fully encloses player and wiring
  • Easy to mount structural frame
  • Two lift off Framed Bezel VESA mounts
  • Air Gap convection cooling

RPT Framed Bezel

Inside Corner Mount 

  • Utilizes inside corners 
  • Largest possible viewing angle coverage
  • Ideal for storefront window corners
  • Typically supplied at 45 degrees
  • RPT Framed Bezel VESA lift off door
  • Custom angles are available as required
  • Custom corner display structures available
  • Finished surfaces extend to your corner walls
  • Large air gap convection cooling

RPT Framed Bezel

End Of Aisle Mount

  • Designed for end of aisles or side wall mounting
  • Angles monitors outward for maximum viewing coverage
  • Two back to back monitors
  • RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mounts
  • Lift off doors for easy mounting
  • Angles are typically from 15-90 degrees
  • Custom angles as required
  • Air Gap convection cooling is standard.
  • Fan cooling is a common option
  • Top and bottom are fully enclosed.

RPT Framed Bezel

Double Sided Freestanding

  • Bolted down, ceiling hung, wheels or feet
  • Perfect for glass storefront
  • Cable path and management integrated
  • Open or closed below monitor area
  • RPT Framed Bezel VESA Doors lift off
  • Easy monitor mounting and alignment
  • Room for player inside
  • Large air gap top and bottom for convection cooling

RPT Framed Bezel

Column or Post Mount

  • Installs around existing square or round columns
  • Up to four Monitors 32" and larger
  • Typically Portrait at eye level
  • 32" Portrait monitor version clears 16" diameter column
  • Rounded Outside corners for safety
  • RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mount Doors lift off
  • Easy monitor mounting and alignment
  • Room for player(s) inside corner area
  • Top and bottom can have cover panels
  • Large air gap top and bottom for convection cooling

RPT Custom Mounts

Designed to your dreams

  • Custom designs delivered quickly
  • One off or quantity
  • Based on standard RPT VESA modules
  • Single or multiple monitors
  • Back to back monitors and arrays are our specialty
  • RPT Framed Bezel VESA Mounts
  • Frameless using RPT VESA 3 axis
  • Frameless Arrays using RPT VESA 6 Axis
  • Custom Structures as required
  • Mounts and structure bare or fully integrated
  • Bespoke finishes and custom colors
  • Modular systems for portable arrays
  • Modular systems for trade show exhibits
  • Modular systems for POS
  • You dream it, we'll build it
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RPT Motion Inc.

1460 Hymus Blvd.

Dorval, Quebec, Canada H9P 1J6

Phone: +1.514-683-1612

Email: info@DigitalSignMount.com

see also: T-Slots2Go.com 



Who, What, Where and Why 

 DigitalSignMount.com  is a custom design and engineering group that specializes in mounting digital signage monitors using T-Slotted aluminum extrusion. We work for and within RPT Motion Inc. of Dorval, Quebec, Canada. These mounts, modules and concepts have evolved from years integrating trade show exhibits, aircraft simulation components and complex industrial applications. We have been mounting  more and more monitors and developed a general dissatisfaction with existing standard monitor mounts.  So, we have decided to do better and have applied our many years of R&D experience to these innovative products.

In continuous business since 1981,  RPT Motion Inc. serves a wide variety of manufacturing, aviation tooling and automation industries. We cover the NAFTA market area, including the entire US and Canada. RPT Motion Inc. has distributed, integrated and added on to 80/20 Inc. (Indiana, USA) T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions for over 20 years. So it's a natural step that we base our monitor mounting systems on our deep knowledge of building things using 80/20 Inc. t-slotted aluminum structural extrusions creatively.

Canada, eh?  NAFTA and the Internet makes it much simpler than our early days. We support manufacturing here in North America first and our products all use the maximum possible North American content. The Montreal area is a high tech area deep in aviation, manufacturing, high tech, and video games.  We have great materials, experience, knowledge and tooling. We use CAD/CAM effectively and we have our own CNC Machine shop that is highly optimized for small to medium volumes of custom parts of very high precision and quality.

Distance is a normal part of our growing a business in the Great White North. We can come to you if your project needs it, but we are experienced and highly skilled in dealing with very complex applications from afar.  We're bilingual (English and French), and our dollar is pretty cheap these days, so many US based customers are really enjoy dealing with RPT Motion Inc.

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