RPT Modular Video Wall Levels

RPT MVW-GHB-L3 Portable Video Wall


RPT’s MVW-GHB-L3  Portable Level 3 video wall mounting system is engineered and precision built by RPT, highly optimized for quick deployment of portable video wall arrays. 

RPT MVW-GHB-L3 takes advantage of the latest CAD/Cam and digital parts development streams, is fully CNC machined in our own precision machine shop. The system uses RPT’s GHB-L3 3 Axis mounts and RPT’s FastMount connectors designed to precision join t-slotted aluminum structural extrusions quickly and repetitively.  These systems are modular, light weight, easy to set-up and move into various configurations, but very rigid, rugged and accurate.

RPT’s engineering and testing of various monitor mounting systems over the past decade brought RPT to explore the hypothesis that since quality digital signage monitors are built to very accurate specifications, we could possibly eliminate several axes of adjustment, specifically those for planarity (flatness) and still achieve very acceptable or perhaps even near perfect arrays.

The RPT MVW-GHB-L3 is the culmination of RPT’s clean sheet design project to provide a rugged quick deployment Video Wall mounting system that ensures near perfect planar alignment without adjustment and still retains the critical 3 axes of micro-adjustment: Horizontal plus Left Height and Right Height that allows perfect leveling and consistent gaps between monitor bezels.

RPT MVW-GHB-L3 was designed specifically for the portable subset of Video Arrays and the system is rugged, accurate, lightweight and compact for speed and ease of shipping and deployment.  RPT-MVW-GHB-L3 has no pull-out feature making access for the rear essential, and so we specifically recommend this system for landscape, portrait or mixed landscape and portrait portable arrays using 47-75” monitors with VESA mounting patterns of 400 x 400mm or larger.  

RPT MVW-ConnexSys L6+

RPT MVW-ConnexSys L6 + is RPT’s Ultimate Modular Video Wall.

RPT fully integrated the benefits of RPT’s FastMount modular structures with the unbeatable Chief ConnexSys mount. This combination offers extreme range full 6 axis adjustment, plus a pull-out monitor feature creating Video Wall Array mounting systems for portable, fixed and hybrid applications. 

While designing our Modular Portable Video Walls, RPT carefully researched all available high quality Video Array mounting systems. We chose the Chief ConnexSys as the ideal mount for our highest Level 6+ system for its wide adjustability in all axes, build quality and flexibility.

RPT-MVW-ConnexSys L 6+ is ideally suited to applications where perfect alignment, including planarity, is essential. The ultimate choice for high end portable arrays, as well as single and double side fixed arrays which are generally free-standing fixed in place installations. RPT-MVW-ConnexSys L 6+ includes full 6 axis adjustment for perfectly aligned arrays of large monitors in portrait, landscape or mixed portrait and landscape layouts.

RPT MVW-ConnexSys-L6+ allows exceptional flexibility in Array layout for Fixed, Portable and Hybrid Modular Video Walls. The ConnexSys pullout feature allows us to build solid, lightweight, highly serviceable single and double sided arrays. These can include free-standing fixed or portable, floor to ceiling fixed, around inside or outside corners fixed and portable, fixed against wall mounts and recessed mounting. RPT has even integrated cable carrier to protect cables from possible damage.


RPT-MVW-ConnexSys Hybrid

RPT’s MVW-ConnexSys  Hybrid seamlessly blends fixed and portable requirements

RPT’s MVW-ConnexSys Hybrid extends the functionality of the RPT MVW-ConnexSys L6+ system. This system provides a seamless blend of fixed and portable, allowing year round benefits from your video walls. The fixed mounts a modular structure, floor mounted or to a fixed wall, utilizing the exact same RPT MVW-ConnexSys L6+ monitor modules that our portable system uses.

RPT’s Hybrid system allows for quick removal of the monitors and mount modules, for all or part of your Video Wall, letting you take your video wall on the road whenever and whenever you want.  You could have presentation or conference rooms with 2x2 or 3x3 arrays using one model of monitor, and combine those monitors into as many portable arrays as you have monitors.

Example: If you own two 3x3 fixed arrays of same model monitor, 16 of those monitors could be deployed as large as a single 4x4 RPT Portable array for product launches, trade shows or events, or all eighteen monitors could form a single long wall of 2 x 9 monitors.

The two functional frames, portable and fixed, of the RPT MVW-ConnexSys Hybrid System can be purchased separately. If you already own a fixed Video Wall Array wall mounted on Chief ConnexSys mounts on Chief Rails, we can provide a modular portable structure that easily accepts your existing Chief ConnexSys mounts and monitors. Alternatively, if you have already purchased a RPT MVW ConnexSys L6+ portable system and would rather use it on your office wall than park it in a warehouse between shows, we can provide the wall mounting structure at any later date.

RPT MVW-GHB-L3 Portable Video Wall

RPT’s MVW-GHB-L3  Portable Level 3 video wall mounting system is engineered and precision built by RPT, highly optimized for quick deployment of portable video wall arrays. 

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