RPT Modular Video Wall Overlay System

RPT MVW Overlay System

When you need a Video Wall but don’t really have a wall

In an ideal world, complete new installations of video-walls allow for proper wall structures with adequate strength, perfect alignment, proper wiring infrastructure, and good access for both installation and service.

Retrofitting a video-wall into an existing facility can be much more challenging and uncertain, often yielding compromised results.

RPT’s Modular Video Wall System was designed from the ground up to be portable, free-standing, so RPT can provide the RPT-MVW Overlay System as a completely self-supporting load carrying structure designed to be accurately installed quickly, mounted against or close to an existing wall without requiring the support of the wall. The RPT MVW Overlay System is bolted to the floor and if it's a large array also connected to some upper structure out of sight, so the wall behind your video wall doesn’t need to be structural. This is especially important when using best practice pull-out mounts like our RPT-MVW ConnexSys L6+ are used, because pulling the monitors out for service or installation adds significant overhung load to the structure.

RPT MVW Overlay System uses all the same precise assembly, engineered structure and quick to assemble components of our proven portable free-standing RPT  MVW  systems. We integrate these Overlay system walls using our RPT MVW-ConnexSys L6+ which includes the incredibly adjustable Chief ConnexSys mount with an RPT integrated pull-out and an industrial quality cable carrier to help manage and protect cables.

The RPT MVW Overlay System, compared to a standard Chief ConnexSys mount, adds approximately 2-3” thickness to the mounting of a video wall, but this includes a 1” gap behind the structure of each stack which is ideal to run power and other infrastructure on the surface of the existing wall. We usually recommend a locally sourced finish cabinet surround to enclose the sides and area below the monitors, where there should be locking doors to allow easy but protected access to the pull-out releases and other network infrastructure. Alternatively, you can frame out and surface the surround as desired, so long as you maintain secure access to the pull-out releases.

RPT believes that Userful ( http://www.userful.com ) provides the perfect video wall controller for our portable video walls and that thinking extends to RPT MVW Overlay Video Wall System. Userful’s video wall controller uses a central PC based server and Ethernet to small Zero Net Clients mounted at each monitor to manage up to 100 HD monitors per Userful Server.  With Userful, the server can be remote and secure with only one network connection to an Ethernet switch mounted behind each RPT Overlay Modular Video Wall.

Don't let a challenging installation location deter your plans for a large video wall, talk to us about our RPT MVW Overlay System, the video wall that doesn't need to lean on your walls.

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