Userful for Modular Video Walls

Userful for RPT Modular Video Walls

Video Wall Software that's modular 

RPT Modular Video Walls have been designed to be portable and re-configurable. We needed to find a video wall controller that was as modular as our video wall mounting system. Userful Video Wall software is a perfect modular match for RPT Modular Video Walls.

Let's consider a real world application: A customer owns two 3 x 3 RPT Modular Video walls each with a Userful Server, for a total of eighteen monitors. They deploy each system many times per year, in their own transport, to regular hotel based product launches and training.

RPT's Modular Portable Video Wall system of modules offers many options for deployment of 18 monitors with 2 Userful Servers:

  • Two 3 x 3 Video Walls in one or two locations
  • One 4 x 4 Video wall for major shows
  • One 3 x 6 Video Wall for major shows
  • Up to four 2 x 2 Video Walls in two groups of two, each group with a Userful server, so can be deployed one or two locations
  • Any rectangular or stair-step (4,3,2,2,3,4) combination array
  • Mix of single monitors or arrays you can imagine each linked to one Userful Server by a single Ethernet cable. 

Userful distributes Video Wall content over Ethernet with a small Zero Net Client on each monitor mount. One Userful Server on each array or an Ethernet switch on each array results in a single cable wired link from each array to the central server.  

A single PC based Userful Server can handle up to 100 monitors in any combinations of layouts and content sources, so the modularity and re-adjustability of Userful Video Wall Software perfectly matches the flexibility of RPT's Modular Video Wall System

These concepts are perfect for in-house management, or rental uses where flexibility of size and layout is important. The result is easy faster deployment to more events and better ROI.

In Q3 2017, RPT will begin offering a packaged RPT MVW Userful Server Module for our RPT Portable Modular Video Walls. It will include a basic Userful Server, power distribution, an Ethernet switch and cable management in an enclosed lockable cabinet that attaches to the rear of our modular video wall framework. 

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