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Multi Deployment Modular Portable Video Walls

One system many deployment configurations

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InfoComm2018 NEC Artistic Video Wall with DigitalSignMount.com QVWM-UA6 Mounts

RPT's PopUp Portable Modular Video Wall System

Designed from the ground up to deploy flexible layouts of large screen (49"-55"+) video video walls almost anywhere easily and as often as you want. This video give you the basics of our ground-breaking approach to portable video walls.

See our blog post  about the RPT PopUp Portable Modular Video Wall System

See our blog post about Integrating a PopUp Portable Video Wall

Email us for more information: PopUp@DigitalSignMount.com

RPT's GHB Series Precision 3 Axis Microadjustable Mount 

Designed originally for a rapid deployment high precision military application, the rugged and accurate RPT GHB mount is the basis for the RPT PopUp Portable Modular Video Wall System. RPT's GHB mount repeats within a few thousandths of an inch to where the monitor was last placed.  

See our blog post  about the RPT PopUp Portable Modular Video Wall System

See our blog post about Integrating a PopUp Portable Video Wall

Email us for more information: PopUp@DigitalSignMount.com

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Thoughts on Portable Video Wall Mounting


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Array Tilt? We say yes.

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Shopping for Monitors: RPT's PopUp Portable Modular Video Wall System

We will update this list from time to time. Please note that you may find better prices at other resellers, but we typically find CDW.com has very competitive pricing and also offers leasing of monitors to businesses.

Note: If 4K 2x2 column is marked yes, the monitor offers 4K input tiling over a 2x2 Array of 1080P monitors. For more info see our blog post on tiling here: http://digitalsignmount.com/2018/01/17/tiling-video-wall-monitors/

Here are some typical sizes of deployed arrays of RPT PopUp Video walls with 49" Monitors: 

To take advantage of higher resolutions you will probably want a software or hardware video wall controller. One exceptional example: Userful's Software Video Wall Controller allows very high resolution and is one of the only systems currently able to play full resolution 8K content (4x4 array of 1080P monitors). 

See our blog post  about the RPT PopUp Portable Modular Video Wall System

See our blog post about Integrating a PopUp Portable Video Wall

Email us for more information: PopUp@DigitalSignMount.com

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RPT PopUp Arrays Non-Linear

Portable Video Walls don't always need to be straight rows of monitors. RPT's PopUp Portable Modular Video Wall System has the flexibility to connect angled arrays as quickly and easily as linear arrays.

RPT PopUp Portable Modular Video Wall 2x2 Array of 49" Philips BDL-4988XC Monitors

DigitalSignMount.com Blog

Indexed below is our blog full of technical information, ideas and many mounting systems and ideas you've probably never seen before. RPT specializes in custom designed precision mounts and mounting systems for Digital Signage monitors. We love a challengte, so if you have an idea for a challenging layout, use or location, please contact us at info@DigitalSignMount.com

Multi Deployment Portable Video Wall Systems

Introduction: RPT Motion ( www.DigitalSignMount.com) designs and builds two related portable Video Wall systems: RPT Modular Portable Video Wall System: For larger video walls (up to 5 high usually) and specific use cases like trade or road shows. These systems are custom Modular Custom built portable free-standing video wall structures designed to support larger arrays […]

Small Monitor Artistic Video Walls

NEC Booth at InfoComm2018 Las Vegas Artistic video wall of 13 small monitors using some superb NEC Desktop Monitors. Mounted on RPT MotionInc. DigitalSignMount.com QVWM-UA6 6 Axis VESA 100 Mounts. Arrays of large monitors get unimaginably huge quickly. Video walls don’t have to be huge monitors. Artistic arrays of small monitors can fill even a large […]

Array Tilt?

Should a Video Wall Array have tilt? If it’s mounted above the viewer’s head, probably. Stand in a fast food restaurant with digital signage  high up and you’ll find most of the monitors are tilted downward. Easy in a single row of monitors, less easy for a large array. Logically, we usually see video walls […]

Portable Video Wall Mount Options

Portable Video Walls aren’t well understood. Frankly, people don’t usually move video walls from place to place because they’re expensive complex systems and the available mounting systems aren’t reliable or simple to move. That’s a shame, we have RPT Modular Video Wall customers who deploy large video walls 40+ times in a few months each […]

RPT PopUp Portable Video Wall Stacks

RPT PopUp Stacks are the building blocks of the RPT PopUp Portable Modular Video Wall System. Each RPT PopUp Stack is a precision mount for a column of two, three or four 49″ or 55″ Ultra Thin Bezel Video Wall monitors in landscape orientation. An introductory YouTube video on this system: Here’s the PopUp Stack […]

RPT PopUp Video Wall Introduction

This will begin a series of posts leading to the launch of RPT Motion’s Portable PopUp Video Wall. PopUp Kiosks, PopUp Boutiques and PopUp Stores are modern buzzwords and marketing tools.  We’re also seeing growth in small private single supplier trade shows, training events and seasonal product launches. Usually self-managed, these events are popping up […]



RPT Motion Inc.

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Who, What, Where and Why 

 DigitalSignMount.com  is a custom design and engineering group that specializes in mounting digital signage monitors using T-Slotted aluminum extrusion. We work for and within RPT Motion Inc. of Dorval, Quebec, Canada. These mounts, modules and concepts have evolved from years integrating trade show exhibits, aircraft simulation components and complex industrial applications. We have over many years been mounting  more and more monitors and developed a general dissatisfaction with existing standard monitor mounts, especially in non-wall mounted applications.  So, we have decided to do better and have applied our many years of R&D experience to these innovative products.

In continuous business since 1981,  RPT Motion Inc. serves a wide variety of manufacturing, aviation tooling and automation industries. We cover the NAFTA market area, including the entire US and Canada. RPT Motion Inc. has distributed, integrated and added on to 80/20 Inc. (Indiana, USA) and Futura (Utah) T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions for over 20 years. So, it's a natural step that we base our monitor mounting systems on our deep knowledge of building things using precision t-slotted aluminum structural extrusions creatively.

Canada, eh?  NAFTA and the Internet makes it much simpler than our early days. We support manufacturing here in North America first and our products all use the maximum possible North American content. The Montreal area is a high tech area deep in aviation, manufacturing, high tech, and video games.  We have great materials, experience, knowledge and tooling. We use CAD/CAM for a fully digital development cycle and we have our own CNC Machine shop that is highly optimized for small to medium volumes of custom parts of very high precision and quality.

Distance is a normal part of our growing a business in the Great White North. We can come to you if your project needs it, but we are experienced and highly skilled in dealing with very complex applications from afar.  We're bilingual (English and French), and our dollar is pretty cheap these days, so many US based customers are really enjoy dealing with RPT Motion Inc.

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