Infocomm 2017 Userful Artistic Video Wall

Userful Booth #611 InfoComm 2017

Custom RPT Modular Video Wall

6 Monitor Artistic Layout

RPT Motion's Portable Modular Video Wall System is typically deployed in rectangular layouts, but our modular system is designed to be flexible.

Userful ( ) came to us with a short timeline and a concept to display the extensive capabilities of their video wall software at InfoComm 2017. Rotation and scaling of arrays and screens in artistic layouts is one of the many special features of Userful, and that was their focus in designing a video wall for InfoComm 2017.

RPT uses 3D CAD/CAM, so we quickly submitted a series of realistic renderings for discussion. Within the same business week we had a defined project and RPT agreed to deliver it to InfoComm2017 on short notice.

The center of the wall is a staggered 2x2 Landscape array of 55" ThinGlobal Digital Signage Monitors (not VESA Standard mounts) rotated 13 degrees clockwise. Two additional fully adjustable (Vertical, Horizontal, Depth and Rotation) RPT Quick VESA Stanchion mount points are included for mounting VESA 75x75, 100x100 or 200x200 monitors that Useful wanted to include to demonstrate the ease of re-configuring a complex array with Userful.

Just two weeks from approved concept to a fully custom RPT 6 monitor Modular Video Wall was packed in road cases and shipped.

The stream of pictures shown here is a combination of early renderings and actual parts as delivered to InfoComm 2017. Notice the small size of the individual modules that make up the completed wall. The heaviest single module was 17 lbs, and all modules connect with a single type of bolt.

Onsite set-up of frame took 15-20 minutes, mounting and adjusting the non-VESA standard monitors took another 30 minutes and the whole assembly had monitors removed and was dismantled and back in road cases in less than an hour at the end of the show.

If you need a portable video wall, rectangular or artistic contact RPT Motion Inc..



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Who, What, Where and Why  is a custom design and engineering group that specializes in mounting digital signage monitors using T-Slotted aluminum extrusion. We work for and within RPT Motion Inc. of Dorval, Quebec, Canada. These mounts, modules and concepts have evolved from years integrating trade show exhibits, aircraft simulation components and complex industrial applications. We have over many years been mounting  more and more monitors and developed a general dissatisfaction with existing standard monitor mounts, especially in non-wall mounted applications.  So, we have decided to do better and have applied our many years of R&D experience to these innovative products.

In continuous business since 1981,  RPT Motion Inc. serves a wide variety of manufacturing, aviation tooling and automation industries. We cover the NAFTA market area, including the entire US and Canada. RPT Motion Inc. has distributed, integrated and added on to 80/20 Inc. (Indiana, USA) and Futura (Utah) T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions for over 20 years. So, it's a natural step that we base our monitor mounting systems on our deep knowledge of building things using precision t-slotted aluminum structural extrusions creatively.

Canada, eh?  NAFTA and the Internet makes it much simpler than our early days. We support manufacturing here in North America first and our products all use the maximum possible North American content. The Montreal area is a high tech area deep in aviation, manufacturing, high tech, and video games.  We have great materials, experience, knowledge and tooling. We use CAD/CAM for a fully digital development cycle and we have our own CNC Machine shop that is highly optimized for small to medium volumes of custom parts of very high precision and quality.

Distance is a normal part of our growing a business in the Great White North. We can come to you if your project needs it, but we are experienced and highly skilled in dealing with very complex applications from afar.  We're bilingual (English and French), and our dollar is pretty cheap these days, so many US based customers are really enjoy dealing with RPT Motion Inc.

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