Modular Custom Mounting

RPT Motion builds modular custom monitor mounting systems using a wide variety of pre-engineered modules. This makes custom mounting quick, efficient and of reasonable cost.

We can build systems to your concept against a wall, hanging from a wall, spanning an open gap, or free-standing either bolted down or on wheels.

The are just a few ideas for you, bring us the ones you can’t imagine how to do.

Angled Wall Mounts

RPT Quick VESA Wall Mounts angled angled double sided


RPT QuickVESA Wall Mount Post Double Sided


RPT Wall Mount Twist Drop On

We can span gaps, single or double sided:

RPT GHB VESA 400×400 in Bridge Mode

2wide x 1 high LG47W monitor bridge with 175 lbs of weight hanging at center to test strength

Double sided bolt to Floor Mount Portrait 2 High LG 47W with 6 axis mounts and swing out door

Fully enclosed custom double sided on wheels.

Wrap a pole with bezel protected monitors:



Enclosed angled wall mount with fans:

Almost any angle:



Enclosed Corner mount closed:


Wrap around a corner, closed.

Wrap around a corner open:

Single Monitor Wall Mount Portrait: closed



Contact us for more information, or with your own idea for a custom mount.

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